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Save the Severn Coalition

We have serious concerns about environmental harm caused by Hinkley C construction and operation:

1/. The efforts being made by EDF to back-out of the licence condition to fit an effective fish deterrent at the vast sea cooling-water intakes. This change would result in the destruction of millions more fish and eels every year and seriously damage the estuary acting as a fish nursery.

2/. The dumping in shallow estuary water of dredged sand, mud and silt, contaminated with chemical and radioactive waste that previously leaked from Hinkley A & B nuclear power stations.

3/. Serious mis-management and lack of proper oversight of the Hinkley C project by the UK and Welsh Governments.

We recently took legal action against the UK Marine Management Organisation (MMO), EDF and its contractors regarding the dredging and dumping operations for the Hickley C nuclear project. The High Court granted us a Judicial Review of Hinkley C development decisions, and we were represented by leading public interest solicitors Leigh Day. In March 2022, after 2.5 days of debate, the final Judgement was that all relevant major decisions had been taken with appropriate external advice; we strongly disagree, but the Judgement has been given. Read our response and comments.

We are now proceeding with environmental and other monitoring actions. Details coming shortly.

Please help fund our challenges

The Save the Severn Coalition is a coalition of scientists, experts, individuals, and organisations who are very concerned about the long-term damage that will be caused to the Severn Estuary by Hinkley C power station which is scheduled to operate for sixty years. We also need volunteers to help us with awareness/funds/actions.
We're reliant on the generosity of concerned members of the public to help fund our actions and we are very grateful to everyone who has contributed so far.
Please consider donating by cheque or a BACS bank transfer

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