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About us

The Save the Severn Coalition is a coalition of scientists, experts, individuals, and organisations who are very concerned about the long-term damage that will be caused to the Severn Estuary by Hinkley C power station which is scheduled to operate for sixty years.

Our membership includes academic researchers and Professors, local politicians, interested and concerned local people, through to long-term activists and campaigners in a variety of ecological, physics and health fields.
The Coalition is not "anti-nuclear", per-se, however our core membership includes individuals who have been active over the past 15+ years in local action groups such as WANA, CND Cymru, STOP HINKLEY, Geiger Bay, and LLRC.

This website is intended to act as an unbiased public source of important documents and other information associated with public concerns about the development of Hinkley C nuclear power station so that concerned citizens can read them for themselves and make up their own opinion.

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